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known issues

third party software

Issue: Use of Afterburner may corrupt the display.

Solution/Workaround: Other than turning off Afterburner, none known.

Issue: With J-OS V (tested with version 5.0b5), scrolling in iSilo™ results in blank areas apparently not being drawn.

Solution/Workaround: Other than not using J-OS V, none known. The issue has been reported to the developer of J-OS V.

Issue: With Jot (tested with version 1.21) and it's "Show Ink" option enabled, writing in the Graffiti® area causes a Fatal Error in iSilo™.

Solution/Workaround: Other than disabling the "Show Ink" option, none known. If you need to use Jot, please contact and urge Jot's developer to address the issue.

Issue: With MSMount 1.0 enabled and one or more Doc documents in the folder configured for MSMount, iSilo™ fails with a Fatal Alert while synchronizing the document list, requiring a reset.

Solution/Workaround: There is a bug in MSMount 1.0. Update to MSMount 1.01.

other issues

Turn Off & Lock
Issue: When iSilo™ and a document are stored on an external memory card. If a Graffiti® stroke is used to "Turn Off and Lock" the device, when the device is turned back on, after entering the password, a fatal exception may occur.

Solution/Workaround: Exit iSilo™ before "Turn Off and Lock".

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