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Thread: HELP! unable to access storage card error.

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    Default HELP! unable to access storage card error.


    I am really having a hard time getting isilo to work for a friend. I bought my best friend a new blackberry curve 8300 and he wanted isilo with some of his favorite books converted from PDF files. After spending much time setting everything up and sending this off to him now he is getting this error "unable to access storage card". So the first thing I directed him to do is take a screen shot which is attached.

    Then I had him load the card with mp3 files and had him see if he was able to listen to those files and he was. I had him buy a different 2gb card and put the files on there, same error. I had him do a complete uninstall reinstall of isilo and the same result. I had him attempt to open those files a couple of different ways. He is able to read the pdb files when he transfers the card to his laptop which also has isilo.

    Isilo did work on this blackberry but it doesn't work anymore and there is no explanation. I have tried everything I can think of but this same error continues!! Its so fustrating.

    Can someone please offer up a suggestion????


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    Your screenshot is not in the message. Can you try attaching it again please?



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