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Thread: Watchtower lib on mac, snow leapard

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    Default Watchtower lib on mac, snow leapard

    I just purchased isilo for mac os hoping to use the Watchtower library on my mac. Has anyone tried to do this? It seems that I can try to open the library but is doesn't connect with the documents. I have a itouch and can use the library just fine, but there is a server connection which puts all the documents into isilo on the itouch. I can't see to find that capability in the program on the mac. I'm afraid I just got my hopes up and this isilo is just a document reader and not a search engine.
    Love to hear from my mac using "friends".

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    Assuming you have the .pdb file saved somewhere on your Mac, you can start iSilo, go to the File menu, and click Open. Then navigate to where you have the .pdb file stored and open it. If you have the iSilo application installed and have started it at least once, then you should also be able to double-click the .pdb file in the Finder to open it.

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    Default watchtower library

    When i go to the .pdb files they are not grayed out and I can click OPEN but nothing happens. Also the library itself needs to connect with the same files in order to search and again nothing happens. Also the tool bar is not visible.
    Should I delete isilo and download it again or what do you think the problem is?
    Thanks for responding.

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    Are you trying to open the files from within iSilo or using the Finder?

    What do you mean by the library needs to connect to the files to search?

    If you are referring to the toolbar in iSilo not being available, then note that it is shown with an open document. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of what you are seeing with regard to this point?

    You can try deleting iSilo and downloading again, but it will probably not make a difference.

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    Default isilo and mac os for use with Watchtower library

    I am trying to open a .pdb file from within Isilo. Nothing happens. What should happen is I open the Watchtower library and it give me a search engine to find articles and scriptures from within the library. It works like a charm on my ipod touch and I also used to have a palm. but with Isilo for mac os nothing happens.
    I understand that I should be able to read pretty much any kind of document but I can't seem to open anything in isilo on the mac.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Default I just purchased isilo for mac os hoping to use the Watchtower library on my mac. Has

    Mine works perfectly. Try reinstalling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleman2526 View Post
    mac os hoping to use the Watchtower library on my mac.
    Run the full program from the cd-rom using the tool at
    Patrick West
    Portland, Oregon, USA
    fpwest at gmail dot com

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