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Thread: How to convert chm files into isilo

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    Unhappy How to convert chm files into isilo

    Hello everybody
    chm file is in htm format which is very close to html format.But when i try to convert htm file into isilo format using isilox, error opening the file warning comes out.
    so please help me in this.Or isilox cannot convert htm format into isilo.please clarify.

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    Arrow CHM to HTML

    iSiloX can not convert a CHM file. You would need to convert the CHM to HTML first, then use iSiloX to convert the HTML.

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    Default chm to iSilo, how to

    There's a work-around for this...

    Locate the freeware 'CHM Encoder' by Gridin Soft.
    figure out were the target CHM is (in C:/Program Files/ ...)
    Decompile it.
    Open the folder that shows the decompiled files.
    Sort by 'Type' so that all of the HTML files are grouped.
    Click-n-drag to select the group of .htmls.
    Drag-n-drop them into the "Source File/URL" window of iSiloX.
    Locate the "xxxxindex.html" file and drag it to the top of the list (thus making it page one of the book).

    This works well if the Index page has a hyperlink table of contents.
    If there's no TOC to jump from, then the ebook will be difficult to navigate because the HTML pages that comprised the CHM will default to alphabetic order, not their order from the CHM.

    Hope this helps -steve



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