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Thread: Can't find external SD Card on a Galaxy Tab 2, "sdcard" listed in volumes isn't it

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    Default Can't find external SD Card on a Galaxy Tab 2, "sdcard" listed in volumes isn't it

    Trying to open Isilo files from my external SD card on a Samsung Galaxy tab 2. I open Isilo, go to "device", go back to "volumes". "Device Memory" and "sdcard" are all that show. However, "sdcard" is not my external card, it is part of the tablet's internal memory. I ran into this problem with my Droid 4, but when I looked at the SD Card in MyFiles, I would just click on a file and Isilo would open it. Once I opened all the files this way, I could use Isilo as normal. But this is not working with my Galaxy Tab 2. I click on the files and Isilo will not open them up in My Files and it just says "No applications can perform this action". Help!!!

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    In most new devices, the sdcard volume actually refers to the internal storage memory of the device and the removeable microSD card is mounted under some other folder, most likely under a folder named "mnt" at the top-level of the internal device memory. So you just need to find out the specific folder where the card is mounted.

    Make sure you are on the Device tab. The Device tab provides a file explorer view of the application accessible folders of your device. In iSilo's document list view, you go back up a level by tapping the Back icon or key of your device. Most likely, it is the leftmost icon located in a black bar along the bottom of the screen. As you navigate back up a level at a time, you will see the current folder path change and shorten in the gray bar right below the tabs.

    So again, on the Device tab, navigate back up to the Volumes listing, select "Device Memory", then go into the "mnt" folder. What do you see listed in the "mnt" folder after you enter it?

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