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Thread: Auto return back to beginning after scrolling down

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    Default Auto return back to beginning after scrolling down

    I have the most current version of iSilo and I have iPhone 4S. This issue has been happening ever since I've had isilo on previous versions and iPhone models. The issue I have is that when I scroll down by swiping on the screen the document goes back to where I started to scroll from. It doesn't happen all the time but it happens enough to be annoying. It doesn't matter. Where I am in the document it does the same thing.

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    Arrow Tables?

    It may be that the entire content is formatted within a single cell of a table. When table layout completes, the content is redisplayed at the beginning of the current row of the table.

    Try disabling table layout to see if it makes a difference. While viewing the document, go to More/Edit/Options/Content and set Layout to "Disable Table Layout".



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