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Thread: Changing from Blackberry to Android phone.

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    Default Changing from Blackberry to Android phone.

    Please send instructions as to what I must do to transfer my iSilo registration to new Android phone and then download latest update of Dr. Weber's Clinical Medicine. I am not a "geek."
    Thanks Doc Eggs

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    Each platform version of iSilo is a separately licensed product, so you would need to purchase a new license for "iSilo for Android". However, if you purchase the new license directly from our store, you can get a discount on the new license by clicking on "Single User Licensing" at the top there and then on the Single User Licensing page, clicking "Single User License Additions".

    With regard to downloading the latest version of Dr. Weber's Clinical Medicine, you will need to consult Dr. Weber's site.

    If you need an overview of how to copy files to your Android device for viewing with iSilo, go to the frequently asked questions page and take a look at the answer to the question "How do I copy files to my Android™ device for viewing in iSilo™?".

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    I guess you will have to purchase a new one.



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