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iSilo™ comparisons

This page provides comparison information for iSilo™.


The following tables use
Project Gutenberg's version of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace as the example document, providing a comparison of the text, Palm Doc, iSilo™ 2.x, and iSilo™ 3.x document sizes.

compared with original text

Document FormatSize (bytes)Savings (bytes)Percentage Reduction
Palm Doc1,800,3311,482,12145.15%
iSilo™ 2.x1,478,3241,804,12854.96%
iSilo™ 3.x1,472,3591,810,09355.14%

compared with Palm Doc format

Document FormatSize (bytes)Savings (bytes)Percentage Reduction
Palm Doc1,800,331n/an/a
iSilo™ 2.x1,478,324322,00717.89%
iSilo™ 3.x1,472,359327,97218.22%


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